16 Unbelievable Facts About the Party Band… #10 will blow your mind!

1. Papa Jazz Iced Coffee is the official beverage of the Party Band.
A cup of Joe, on ice! You can find the cold-brewed beverage at select shows, and you can always find the T-shirt at our merch store.
papa jazz tee v1 flat bw2014-03-29 pb meltdown bw

2. Nobody knows how many members are in the band.
It’s true. We’ve counted our numbers and gotten from as few as five members to well over thirty. We’ve met and played with a lot of people along the way.
2014-02-22 pb NEMA LMA 3

3. The Party Band plays guerilla sets in the woods.
We can strike at morning or midnight, so you better be ready to party at any time. Catch us crashing a music festival this summer at Jibberjazz’s Madsummer Meltdown (PA, June 26-28) and Green Love Festival (ME, August 14-16).
pb strange creekbella terra

4. The Party Band doesn’t smell nearly as bad as you’d think it does.
Our newest member, Animal, makes handcrafted soaps with his wife using wild harvested ingredients. Red Antler Apothecary works wonders on the funkiest of hippies.
red antler soapScreen shot 2015-03-16 at 9.52.47 PM

5. The Party Band will beat you in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.
Brass Monkey has the highest score ever seen on a N64The Wizard would rather take it to the streets- here he is doing a nollie 360 flip bluntslide, backflip 5-0 grind.

6. The Beach Expert can always sense his way back to Plum Island.
Having grown up on the shores of Newburyport, our bari sax player uses the power of the Atlantic winds to produce his rich tone. He always knows where his towel is.
image2Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 1.10.18 PMimage2

7. Our bass trombone player The Steam holds a world record for the highest heat tolerance, having eaten nothing but spicy peppers for a month in the Philippines during dry season.
And we created a hot sauce in his honor. The peppers sting your tongue and the wasabi clears your sinuses. It’s also an effective cold remedy.
hot sauce label- S2 flat

8. The Party Band vows to stop using elephants by 2017.
Which is too bad, because they play a mean tuba. Not to worry, the band has already begun training an army of polar bears.
Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 11.38.06 PM

9. Our tuba player The Knowledge is undefeated at his local trivia night.
He can also quote the entire Blues Brothers movie. The Knowledge always knows.

10. To dye her hair such a radiant purple, drummer Fresh Beets stands in a beet field on a full moon and waits for lightning to strike.
We’ve tried to sell her on the idea of using hair dye, but “it’s just not the same.” It’s no wonder she plays with such vibrant energy.

11. 21
Listen here.

12. Our shaker and banjo player turned down a job offer from Google to seek enlightenment.
He is also the only member of the band to intentionally set fire to his instrument. Such genius is hard to find.

13. Lead trombonist The Nutcracker was 2012 Employee of the Year at Fenway Park for his high foam finger sales.
The Nutcracker is #1 in our hearts.
Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 11.56.37 PM

14. The Party Band’s primary source of energy is pizza.
We are open to potential sponsorship deals…

15. 100% of our fan mail comes from the kids in the Lowell Public Schools.
This excludes e-mail and facebook messages. We get a lot of online fans from South America because we are often mistaken for El Banda de Fiesta, a popular Venezuelan cover band.

16. The Party Band is going to Texas!
Our friends from Minor Mishap Marching Band invited us to a weekend in Austin for their 5th annual HONK!TX Festival. We are so stoked to hear all these bands and unveil some new music we have been working on. Consider visiting our merch store to pick up a record and help support our travel costs!

4 thoughts on “16 Unbelievable Facts About the Party Band… #10 will blow your mind!

  1. I’m so happy for you that you’re going to Honk, TX. Have a great time! I have never been able to go because I do tax prep. Imagine having to choose taxes over a Honk festival.

    Great 16 facts.



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