Pure Cosmic Bop!

Often coinciding with a full moon or other astronomic event, Pure Cosmic Bop/Heavy Space Jams is a series of concerts celebrating local jazz music. Started in May 2013, Pure Cosmic Bop has featured over forty groups including the tremendous talents of the Jeff Galindo Trio, The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Goosepimp Orchestra, The Big Sway, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, and The Wolverine Jazz Band.

Wondering how to top the epic success of Pure Cosmic Bop IV, the band decided to spread the latest Pure Cosmic Bop over two days for two distinct audiences. Pure Cosmic Bop featured Lowell’s finest jazz cats at the Zorba Room on Friday, and was part of the New England Nights concert series. Heavy Space Jams turned into Heavy Skate Jams, an all-day concert and skate competition on Sunday, held at Seth and Dave’s local sanctuary, Bartlett Skatepark. The Party Band and Persona co-sponsored the event, giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes to the kids who shredded the most gnar.

20150805 pcbv 11x17 flat     2015-08-30 skate jam flyer

Pure Cosmic Bop/Heavy Space Jams IV: The Meltdown featured 24 groups playing on three stages over twelve hours. The Party Band was celebrating the release of its first full length studio album, Transcendenta. You can listen to our (almost) entire late set here.

Thank you to all of the artists who have played at any of the incredible Pure Cosmic Bop/Heavy Space Jams:

The Big Sway, Birdorgan, C Dub Trois, Catharsis Quartet, Chill City Icon, Crowfeeder, The Daily Post, DJDA, Edible Arrangements, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, Feed Me Weird Things, Feed The Bird, Froggy and the Friendship, Goosepimp Orchestra, The Hallways, HeyHowRYa?, The J Connection, Jeff Galindo Trio, Jochemo, Johnny Fireseed and the Junkyard Dogs, Lebron James Jazz Orchestra, The Merrimack Delta Dub Set, The Party Band, Pocket Money Orchestra, President Soup, The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Root Juice, Spooky Future, Streetlight Arcade, Warped Forest, Wildcat Slim VS The Law, Wireless Mike as Jack Kerouac, The Wolverine Jazz Band

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